Whole by Geraldine (Nairobi, Kenya)

WHOLE by Geraldine is a unique fragrance celebrating the modern and independent woman. It combines flowers, fruits and citrus to bring a warm and gentle fresh scent. The soft fragrance creates a feminine spirit perfect for day, night and everyday life.

"Scents By Geraldine Ltd is a company operating and incorporated in Nairobi, Kenya and we have partnered with the best fragrance laboratory and perfume creation studio in the heart of Berlin, Germany - THE SCENTURY."


NANDI Concept Store (Berlin, Germany)

nandi was founded by two best friends in 2016. What started as an online shop has developed into a concept store in the heart of Berlin. nandi selects unique home & living treasures, complementing the eclectic mix with textiles and accessories from all over the world. Inspired by artisans from various cultures and backgrounds, we also create and collect our own products and are working closely with workshops in Morocco, Peru and Indonesia. nandi means "happiness" in Sanskrit.

"With nandi and our products we want to send our customers on a journey. To create a fragrance series with THE SCENTURY and transform this vision in a fragrance was super exciting for us. 'Arabian Wood' which will remind you of a magical day in Marrakech. Tuscany Lavender which makes the customer dream into a big lavender field on a warm afternoon in the Tuscany. Or Fiji Blossom: a paradisical Frangipani flower which - like all our fragrances triggers one feeling: pure wanderlust."


Jacquarri D. White (Texas, USA)

Founded by Jacquarri D. White, Jei Quarri is a luxurious line that works to incorporate natural ingredients into the perfect aroma. Taking pride in being a naturalist, we strive to prohibit any use of animal testing. Individually designed, our fragrances are constructed to release layering effects. Therefore, allowing hints of accent auras to unite in harmony with the base scent, creating a blissful and unique aromatic sensation throughout the day and complimenting your style no matter the setting. Jei Quarri represents new life, love, and energy.


Elan by Matt Harris (Arizona, USA)

"Since my youth, I have been fascinated by how much a smell can impact one's enjoyment and memory of an experience. Great time spent with loved ones, meeting new and exciting people. A concert from one of your favorite artists. Attending a big game to cheer on your favorite sports team, an opportunity to perform, captivated within a craft you love. The chance to laugh all night with that special someone. These events all create lasting memories. Memories that can be brought back with pictures, with video and of course with a scent. I created élan to accompany your experiences, to bring memories of pure joy each and every time you smell it."


MAI DG Image (Texas, USA)

Forever Mãi Mãi  

A unique blend of White Musk, Oriental Spice, Vetiver, Violet Leaf, Tonka Bean, Sicily Lemon, Natural Herbages, Calabrian Bergamot, Bourbon Vanilla and Blue Cedarwood.

Temptation by Alexander Gutbrod (Freiberg am Neckar, Germany)

Dieser ausdrucksstarke Duft verführt durch seine facettenreiche Signatur von Männlichkeit. Die Frische von Mandarine lädt Sie zu diesem sexy Duft ein, der in der Herznote anziehende Orangenblüte mit würzigen Düften vereint. Die markante Basisnote erinnert an die Harmonie von warmen Havanna Tabak, Kaschmirholz und weißem Moschus.